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You’ve Been Spotted – Sophie & Joey

You’ve got to wonder what a dog thinks when she experiences snow for the very first time. It must be as surreal as it is exciting! And maybe a little cold on the paws? These two beauties took it all in stride. I met them this morning when I was taking a walk around my neighbourhood, capturing pictures of the rare and lovely winter scenes around me. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who wanted to play in the snow today. The friendly couple that was walking Sophie and Joey stopped to chat, and soon I was taking lots of pictures… how could I resist? Aren’t they gorgeous? I was told that Sophie, the older of the two wasn’t sure about Joey when they first met, but when she realized Joey wasn’t going anywhere, and was here to stay, she gave her owners a few bad looks. (I didn’t know Golden Retrievers could look angry!) But Joey soon grew on her, and now she’s as patient and loving as ever… even when Joey wants to play “puppy style”.. rambunctiously and high energy, I’m sure! They are the best of roomies now. These two are my latest discoveries in my “You’ve Been Spotted” series. Who will I stumble upon next?

Hurley in a Scarf



Here’s a behind-the-scenes story for you that needs its own blooper reel. I have been wanting to photograph various dogs wrapped in scarves for some time now… perhaps the odd toque or hat as well. In a tasteful and sophisticated way, of course. And Hurley was the first dog I thought of when I pictured it in my head. There’s just something about him…his soft colours and his striking eyes. I thought he would be perfect for my Christmas mini pet session promotion. And I already had the perfect scarf. I just needed to get Hurley down to the beach and see if he would pose for me. Well… it was an adventure. Actually, it was chaos! Hurley is a nervous dog to begin with. You wouldn’t know it looking at his seemingly calm and thoughtful expression in this photo. My good friend was gracious enough to come down to the beach with us to lend a helping hand… in other words, to tempt Hurley with various yummy treats while simultaneously wrapping a scarf around his neck, getting him to stand still, not chew on the scarf, not eat the seaweed strewn along the shoreline, stay out of the water… oh, and if she could just get him to look into the camera, that would be fantastic. Perhaps that was a bit of a tall order? The first thing Hurley did was pee all over my friend’s beautiful new boots (I’m so sorry, Alison! I owe you BIG TIME) and then he flung the scarf off, and scarfed down a big mouthful of seaweed. His focus, for the most part, was intensely on the treats in her hand and occasionally, one split second at a time, he would look at me. All I needed was one good shot, and I do love how this one turned out. His owners tell me he loves to pose for the camera, wearing human clothing. I will be photographing this guy again in the near future… I’ve got a great hat I want to try. But next time I will bring along his favourite human who knows just how to get him to stand there and look calm and cute. He is pretty cute.. isn’t he? He has such an expressive face. If you would like more information on my mini pet sessions, please visit me here!

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Tank the Turtle


What a handsome guy. He actually sparkles. Look at the detail in his skin.. the beautiful stripes and patterns that mark his neck and body. It’s as though he had put on his best pinstriped tuxedo for his special photo shoot. He definitely looked his best, but he was a little hesitant at first. I mean, this was his first time outside.. out in the big world beyond his tank and all things familiar. We put him down on the ground and he retreated into the safety of his shell, but ever so slowly, he would emerge and look around a little, cautiously curious, before darting his head back in to take a breather. But he loved the sun! Each time he peeped his little head out, he would turn towards the sun and walk in that direction… Towards the warmth. Perhaps he saw it as a bigger version of his heat lamp? Maybe he was a little homesick? It can be a little intimidating being outside of your comfort zone, after all. But he did so well.. especially when we introduced him to the lawn. It was a whole new world of spectacular to explore! Tank is a Mississippi Map Turtle… a species I have never heard of before. I think he is just striking. And such a charmer, in his sweet and gentle ways. A shy one.. but he definitely has sparkle!

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You’ve Been Spotted ~ Sailor


As the weather gets cooler, I have a feeling I will be posting more images of dogs than humans, simply because dogs have built-in fur coats and their noses don’t turn red! But Sailor sure looks good in red. I love that bandana, and I LOVE that one ear that sticks up like a sail in the salty wind. He loves to play on Island View Beach almost every day… especially when other furry familiar friends pass by. But this day, his nose was working overtime… something must have been in the water, because he kept looking out to sea, and stepping close to the water as though he was sensing something out there. Can you imagine what it must be like to have such an acute sense of smell? Think of all the scents that send a dog into his own distracted oblivion while on a simple walk, and how hard it is to pull them away from whatever it is they are transfixed upon… it must be overwhelming. I wonder what his nose was telling him this day? Actually… I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to know. What I do know is, Sailor is an exceptionally beautiful dog. And I’m so glad I had the chance to capture him at play on the beach this mild grey day. He is the latest dog in my “You’ve Been Spotted” series… who will I stumble upon next?

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Toffi the Pirate



Is it possible to be a formidable pirate and be cute and adorable at the same time? If you are Toffi, it is absolutely possible! He sure lets you know that he is captain of the ship when you come to visit him. Really, all bark and no bite though. With a slight tilt to the head and a big-eyed look into the camera, all of his menacing pirate-ness takes a walk off the plank. This little scallywag is ready for Halloween… are you? Arrrrrr!!!


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Poppy the Ragdoll

This little ball of fluff and sweetness, took a tiny piece of my heart… and will probably never give it back. Not that I want her to. Her name is Poppy and she is such a special little kitten. She is extra special to me because she is one of very few cats I can actually pick up and hold and cuddle without succumbing to a fit of sneezing and itchy watery eyes! No fair, when an animal lover has allergies. But I get to pretend I’m not allergic to cats when I am around Poppy. You see, Ragdolls don’t seem to have the same effect on people like me. And resisting her is almost near impossible. You see her, and you just want to pick her up. Or pet her. Or watch her head slowly fall backwards as she falls asleep on the back cushions of the couch! Everything she does ups her cute factor. Even when she’s just standing there. But especially when she tries to look fierce as she chases her toy mouse across the hardwood floor. Those beautiful blue eyes… and do you see that single rogue whisker that darts out past all the other whiskers? How does that not steal your heart?

You’ve Been Spotted ~ Cruz

He stole a shoe… he ate a leaf, and then another leaf…. he dug a hole under a log and made himself a little cave… then he chewed some more driftwood and got sand on his nose. He played with a soccer ball almost half his size… then fearlessly played with a dog 20 times his size. I’ll bet he had a good nap when he got home… all that heavy duty playtime must have worn him out! A day in the life of a puppy. I am so happy to have been able to capture this sweet little guy as I begin to build my “you’ve been spotted” series. Each time I discover a furry friend on my travels that I can’t resist photographing, I will be sharing the joy here with you. Who will I find next?

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  • Tina Patricia D'souza - Really loved your write up Jaime !! Really happy to know that there are other kindred spirits who identify beauty and wonderment in the simplest of things 🙂ReplyCancel

Rocket and his Family


I had to start this blog post with a picture of Rocket looking soft and fluffy and clean because from the moment we hit the beach, he was determined to change that. I’ve never seen a dog suffer such agony as he squealed and squirmed and pleaded with his people to be free of the leash and to finally have unlimited access to the water. In fact, I think he would have been swimming by moonlight if given the opportunity that evening! You will see the adorable aftermath of all that water-dog bliss at the end of this gallery. We practically had the beach to ourselves, and it was a gorgeous, peaceful hour before sundown. These boys are growing up fast… Kyle, the younger of the two, has such a beautiful pensive look about him, as though he is looking at you, but he’s somewhere else entirely, lost in a netherworld of his own making. Shawn is a quiet one… but self assured with such a warm nature. I love his giggle. I think we got the last warm summer evening of the season. Perfect… so perfect.

Kasey and Chia

Okay, so I fell off the blog bandwagon even before I got started… it was winter the last time I was here…. now it’s summer (eek). But I intend to be here a whole lot more often as I take a few steps outside my comfort zone and grow my little photography business into something beautiful.

And I wanted to share with you some pictures I took of some really adorable dogs, Kasey and Chia. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE other people’s dogs… they make me happy in ways I can’t really describe. It’s almost as though you can see their heart from the outside in. When they look at you, they look into you. And they love you before they even know you. And if they DO know you… well… that is a love so pure and so powerful… If only we could all love each other the way a dog loves his person.

All i know is I fell in love with these two, and their owner Kelsey was a sweetheart too!