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A Boy and His Favourite Dog

He has two live Chihuahuas as family pets. But the one he wanted to bring to the beach was his stuffed one… his name? Chihuahua, of course! How cute is that? Usually when I photograph children his age, I get all kinds of cheesy smiles when they see the camera pointed at them. All teeth showing, happy little grins, but not so authentic. Kieran was different. When he looked into the camera, he would bat his eyelashes at me. Blinking and blinking… every time he heard the click of the shutter. It resulted in many photos with his eyes closed… or half closed. But of all the children I have photographed over the years, not one has done this. It was almost as though he was flirting with the camera… showing his coquettish side.. playing with me. He made me laugh so hard I had to put the camera down! Such a sweet charmer. What a beautiful child. And so much fun to play with on the beach in the raindrops.