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Rocket and his Family


I had to start this blog post with a picture of Rocket looking soft and fluffy and clean because from the moment we hit the beach, he was determined to change that. I’ve never seen a dog suffer such agony as he squealed and squirmed and pleaded with his people to be free of the leash and to finally have unlimited access to the water. In fact, I think he would have been swimming by moonlight if given the opportunity that evening! You will see the adorable aftermath of all that water-dog bliss at the end of this gallery. We practically had the beach to ourselves, and it was a gorgeous, peaceful hour before sundown. These boys are growing up fast… Kyle, the younger of the two, has such a beautiful pensive look about him, as though he is looking at you, but he’s somewhere else entirely, lost in a netherworld of his own making. Shawn is a quiet one… but self assured with such a warm nature. I love his giggle. I think we got the last warm summer evening of the season. Perfect… so perfect.