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At the Lagoon


This time of year can be unpredictable when it comes to weather, but we lucked out this mild day at the Esquimalt Lagoon. The water was running high under the bridge, the fall colours were abundant and the rains subsided just long enough for us to have some fun in the sand. This little guy was offering me all kinds of adorable faces, but his infamous smile was undercover for much of our session… which is perfectly fine by me! I think that children have such a vast range of interesting expressions that are so unique to each child. I think my favourite is the pensive look.. whether they are looking at my lens slightly perplexed about what it does, or whether something in their environment catches their eye. For Carter, it was the airplanes in the sky. He was fascinated by them. I was able to catch a few little grins and open smiles from time to time as well, which I know will make his mom and dad happy, as that is how they know Carter. They joked about how he is all smiles most of the time… except during a photo shoot when we want him to smile! I think he will go through much of his life doing things his own way… is there any better way to do it?