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Natalie and Starbuck


Right from the first moments of arriving at the barn, I knew these two had an extraordinary connection. Natalie’s love for this horse runs deep, and Starbuck… well, he will do almost anything for her. I loved watching them interact with each other as I captured these pictures. When we went into the field, all Starbuck wanted to do was munch on the fresh green grasses at his feet.. Natalie would lightly smack him with the rope to get his attention the way good friends playfully nudge each other when one is acting up. They each had their own idea about how this photo shoot was going to go, and for Starbuck, it wasn’t about looking pretty for pictures. When we returned to the barn, I was so moved when I watched them hug each other as Natalie gently removed his halter. I found myself smiling the entire time I was editing these photos, because I was so utterly charmed by this horse. I was editing, but also reminiscing at the same time.. wishing I could go back and visit Starbuck once again. Speaking of halters, don’t you just love how he has a custom bridle with his own beautiful nameplate?