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A Turn for the Better


As I was driving to the beach to do this session, I had my doubts. Little raindrops were lightly tapping my windshield and the trees were swaying a soft dance. I thought to myself, just wait and see. The weather can be unpredictable when you live on the coast, and sometimes things can change quickly. Although I knew this, I dreaded calling this family and cancelling so last minute, as I know how challenging it can be to prepare your kids for a photo session. And the drive wasn’t all that short. I parked my car and walked a small stretch of the beach, and while there were a few raindrops, it wasn’t serious. And sure enough, as soon as we all met each other and began the session, the most beautiful thing happened. The warm fading sun slipped behind a cloud and the soft filtered light was absolutely magical. It is my most favourite kind of light! And what a delightful family. I got completely lost somewhere within my camera as I clicked frame after frame. If it weren’t for the diminishing light, I could have gone on for hours. Sometimes it pays off to be patient, when it comes to the variable weather and see what unfolds!