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All Beak and No Wing


They are called Indian Runner Ducks, and they hatched a few weeks ago in Ms. Takhar’s kindergarten class at Lochside Elementary. They have been adored since the first beak cracked open the egg. The class gave each of them a special name… Star, Rosy, Rocky and Chirpy. Now they reside on my friend’s beautiful organic farm, and it is truly a lovely place to call home. They have so much room to run, and they are excellent runners, which is a good thing because they don’t really grow wings. Even as adults, they don’t fly. They prefer to forage in the grass and even catch flies! love how they stand tall, almost penguin-like, and how they always stick together. Soon, they will lose their fuzz and grow a fresh coat of pretty white feathers. Hopefully, they will grow into those big beautiful beaks, too. I know that these lucky four will be living the good life.


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  • Gyneth Turner - Oh my gosh, those ducks are the cutest lil things!  They look like Easter!  Did they hatch in Helena Takhar’s class?  Great names. .ReplyCancel

    • rhayne73@yahoo.ca - Aren’t they sweet? Indeed they did! They lived in the kindergarten classroom for a week before they found their new home at Michelle’s farm!ReplyCancel