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She was so little, we couldn’t take her for a walk at the beach yet. But that’s ok… she was showing me just how adorable she is, just by sitting on the couch! No need to find the perfect setting when you’ve got eyes the size of dinner plates and the softest puppy fur imaginable. Little Lacy stole my heart.. over and over again. Everything she did was scrumptious. We played indoors for a little while and then ventured outside with her sweet little ladybug leash that she loved to chew. Everything in the world was new to her. We couldn’t keep her contained! She went here, there and everywhere, with a little bounce in her step. She jumped into the hedge and almost completely submerged… she crawled under my car…. she smashed the pansies in the front yard…and when she finally tuckered out, she flopped down on her favourite mat and fell into a deep snooze. She’s so very new and very small, but looking at the size of those paws, she’s in for a bit of a growth spurt!


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