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It appears as though my easter egg hunt has already begun! They are not of the sugary or chocolate variety.. but can these count? I did hunt for them…. although, I won’t tell you where I found them. No birds were harmed in the making of this photograph. *wink* Although, a little boy was curious and observant as his mother let me borrow his beloved swing for a few minutes. And what a delicious swing.. it hangs from a tree in the corner of their yard, nestled right up against the sidewalk. It has been there so long, the lichen can’t tell the swing from the tree anymore!  It’s just sublime. The child in me wanted to run barefoot across their lawn and swing so high as to see over the treetops! There must be something in the spring air that infuses one with a sense of earthly delight and sweet nostalgia. And just wait until the lilacs come out…

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