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When the heaviness of world events start to cloud my moods, sometimes all I need to feel lighter is a little dog therapy. And that is just what I received this weekend in the shape of a sweet golden retriever named Chilli. I’d like to think that she was given that name because she’s so “chill”… or maybe I’m just taking a hint from the universe to just chill out myself and take in love in any form. And Chilli knows all about love. The moment I walked in the door, without knowing me, she rolled over on her back and looked at me with her soft puppy dog eyes as if to say “belly rub, please?”… She knows how to love, and she doesn’t see any reason why she wouldn’t receive it either. Goldens are like the dolphins of the dog kingdom… they have built-in smiles and such a gentle nature. Thank you, Chilli… for bringing me back to my happy place.