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I feel a constant pull… there is a place on this planet that draws me in like a very strong magnet. It’s always there, though sometimes I feel it more prominently than other times. I wander up to Long Beach any time I am given the opportunity…. but this time I went alone. I have never done that before. And now that I have experienced that kind of exquisite solitude, the pull has only become stronger. I know now that solo trips to Tofino will become a yearly ritual. I stood in the incoming tide until my boots filled with the sudden rush of seawater. I listened to the deep breathing of the breaking waves. I felt the thundering vibration of a large swell colliding with the rocky shoreline and inhaled the salty misty air. I was moved to tears as I felt the power of this place. As I took in the rugged beauty all around me, I felt at times that there was nowhere I would rather be than in that exact spot in place and time… my feet sinking deeper into the wet sand, my eye drawn to the way the winter sun illuminated the layers of rolling surf in a gentle glow. Although, the west coast in winter is anything but gentle. It’s my favourite place. It’s where a part of my soul stays behind and waits for my return. I came home only four days ago, and I’m already thinking about my next trip.

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  • Kathryn - Incredibly special, I felt every ounce of this post.ReplyCancel

  • Dawne - Beautiful shots honey…I think the crow (first one is my fav…but not sure) i can hear the surf on the Wickaninnish open Ocean shot.. row of sand dollars very sweet and the lone sandpiper…..love it all. Good work for the show too.  xoxoReplyCancel