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Halley and Havoc

This is my beautiful cousin Halley and her magnificent best friend, Havoc. He’s actually not as much Great Dane as he is a small horse. But despite his name, he’s actually quite remarkable. Graceful even. Halley brought him up to spend Christmas with us at the old ski chalet, and even though the main floor was usually crowded with people and tables and other various pieces of furniture, I watched as he seemed to glide right through it all without knocking a single thing over. He’s a big dog who seems to know where he is in space… and he handles tight spaces with surprising ease! He even ventured under the Christmas tree a few times to find an alternate route through the chaos.. and not one ornament fell from that tree! Even more remarkable… he was at nose level with the appie and food table, and though I know he was tempted to steal a quick bite, he never touched a morsel! I don’t know, Halley… he doesn’t seem to raise havoc.. he raises a lot of eyebrows though, I bet. When he is around me, I can’t seem to take my eyes off of him. He’s just so huge! Huge and graceful. And patient with us as we Christmassed him up for photos.

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