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Heidi Boots


Her name used to be Boots. Pretty little white feet, she has. But when her humans adopted her, she was so shy that she would hide all the time, so they changed her name to Heidi Boots. Isn’t that the sweetest thing ever? And I was prepared to photograph her in stealth mode… quietly, and from a safe distance so that she wouldn’t be afraid of me. But this gentle creature was more curious about my camera than I expected, and she loved to pose for me! Every few minutes, she would change her pose.. her favourite was the upside down pose, on her back, looking back at my lens. It’s as though she has done this modelling thing before… She was a natural. We did kind of work in stealth mode though… these pictures are a secret Christmas gift for Heidi Boot’s owner. We confiscated a key and came in when she wasn’t home.. and we encouraged this sweet kitty with a tantalizing can of salmon… which may or may not have left a suspicious scent in the house after we left. I hope we didn’t blow our cover!!

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