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The Importance of Being Silly


Aren’t these two little girls cute as a button? Their parents are pretty wonderful, too. We headed to the beach closest to home and hung out for a while. The younger one loved to make faces at me… every time the camera was pointed in her direction, she would stick out her tongue or squint her eyes, or make some silly funny face. She’s just practicing for when she grows up, as I know she wants to be an actress, or a singer, or a dancer… someone in the limelight. But I also knew that if I was patient, and kept watching, she would present something beautiful to me… and I can tell you, my patience paid off. The older one loved to have one on one time with me so that we could talk and I could take her picture without her little sister coming in to steal the show (which she did attempt to do a few times!) Those big thoughtful eyes behind her glasses… just adorable. There’s nothing I love more than to photograph children who present themselves purely as themselves… they are so good at that. No fear of the camera, no masks… although I did see a few funny faces, but that is the kind of mask that makes the whole experience so joyful!